Jill Jerkins-winner of glowing tree prompt

We had one participant for last week’s writing prompt. Jill Jerkins, our winner by default. Great story, Jill! Here you guys go. Here’s what Jill thought about the scene . . .

He held his breath as the silver edges of the moonlight broke across the tops of the ruins and spilled to the floor. This was it. Everything he had been waiting for for thirty years. He froze for a moment when the moon illuminated nothing but the broken stones at the center of the courtyard. All for nothing, his mind wept. Then he saw the spark. A tiny illumination in the crack of stones. He stepped forward but his steps were halted by the beautiful growth before him. The spark changed and grew and twisted. One flame became six became twelve, became thirty, all twisting together and winding in a blaze of silvery trails until before him stood a brilliant blazing tree made of white fire and moonlight. The entire courtyard warmed in its light.
“Oh Helen, I made it, honey” he cried. And the tree glowed brighter.


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