My Story and Book Synopsis

Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about the book I’ve been writing for the last few years and how I got to where I am. I’m at the point right now where I’m trying to build up a readership for my books. The best way to do that is to tell you about them! This may not interest you, but my hope is that you will give my story a chance and listen to my journey and book plans. If you won’t listen to my journey, at least read my book summary and comment your thoughts.

How I Started Writing

Since early childhood, I always loved telling stories. I’d make them up with my action figures and Barbie dolls, until the day I realized I was too old to keep playing with toys. But I still wanted to tell stories.

7th grade year, my teacher gave us an assignment to write a short story. I didn’t even have to think. A story popped into my mind, and I wrote a thirty-something paged story that later become the first few chapters of my first book. Halfway through my first book, I got two more ideas that sparked other books. I kept writing and never stopped.

A couple years ago, I picked up one of my original stories and decided it would be the one I would try to get published first. Between working on another story and editing this one, two years later I am finally getting close to the end. That’s why I’ve been focused on the publishing process lately. Because that’s the road ahead of me. It’ll be a hard one, but I’m ready. Here’s my story . . .

Book Synopsis: Monster


Sordlen has lived in peace for two decades, until the sorceress Mara awakens twenty years later from a failed attempt on her life. She is a tortured woman hated by all for what she is. Being declared a monster, she has chosen to live up to her name. With a mind for vengeance and the need to find her missing heart, she seeks out Jack–the son of the man who tried to kill her years ago. Time and again, Mara is hurt and betrayed. Will she be be able to rise above her villainous desires or remain the monster everyone tells her she is?

Unable to fight against Mara’s enchantments, Jack finds himself betraying his own village for a cause he doesn’t fully understand. He becomes torn between whose cause to fight for. The one thing that keeps him fighting to do the right thing is his fiancé Sylvie. But what is the right thing?

When Sordlen is attacked, Sylvie is forced to flee to the nearby city of Eram along with Liam, her newly appointed guardian. When Jack never rejoins them, she assumes the worst—that he had been killed. When they are finally reunited months later, she discovers his fate to be worse than imagined: he hadn’t been killed; he was the reason others had been.

In the midst of a looming war, Jack must discover where his loyalties lie, before he loses the chance to be a part of either side. What had begun as an honest quest to help Mara find her heart has turned into a struggle for Jack to maintain his honor as the ultimate traitor while deciding what he believes in. As Jack begins to realize Mara may have been unfairly branded a monster, he questions he may be on the wrong side.

Monster is a tale that delves into the nature of good and evil. What does one do when they discover the good guys just might be the villains and the monster might be the good guy?


So what did you think? Interested? Confused? Bored? Give me your thoughts and help me improve my story even if it’s just critique on how to better present my synopsis. Thanks for reading and contributing to making my dream happen!

And if you wouldn’t mind, please take two seconds to share this post with your friends. The more who see this, the better.


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