Sneak Peek at the Book, Monster

If you haven’t already read my summary of my latest book Monster, I encourage you to read it. Or, you can just read this short prologue to the story and see if you like it from there. I hope you like it!

Prologue of Monster 

He had returned. Just as he did every night as if expecting something to happen. He knows. Or at least suspects something. I can feel it in the way he looks at me. Never have I allowed him to meet my gaze for fear of what he might see—the truth—that I was different. But perhaps he could help? If he suspects the truth of what was happening, he might also know how to stop the change. The man fell back into the shadows, but his cold eyes were still visible. Glowing like mine.

That was my mistake. I looked into his eyes. I gasp and take a step back away from the window, a strange presence having invaded my mind. I exhale and groan, seeing the cloud from my breath that is escaping my lips. My hands are trembling at my sides, but I must fight to regain control. It is happening again. I couldn’t let him see! Then he would know for sure! I grab at the curtains to pull them closed, but it is no use. Ice had crept up along the edges of the window. It’s midsummer.

Every time is worse, and this time I know the change has progressed much farther than the last. From the icy pain tearing down my spine, I know my time is short. My hand smashes against the window pane as I sink to the floor in a silent scream. My tears are freezing to my pale face. Focus. Don’t change. This could be the last…

My last thought before blacking out is a mental plea to the stranger in the shadows to save me.


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