Writing Prompt Day!


Hello, everyone. I’m a little hesitant to do this, because I’m not sure if anyone will actually participate. But here we go. Above is a picture. What is it a picture of? A tree. Sounds boring, right? It’s a good thing we are writers! What I’m hoping is that you lovely people can write a short story or a scene behind what is happening here. Submit your story in the comment section below. Whoever gets the most likes on their story will get theirs posted on the blog. In the event of no likes, I will choose my favorite. And in the event that no one writes a story for this image . . . then this will be very awkward, and I’ll never do this again.

I realize you may be very busy writing your own book right now. I just thought this might be a fun way to take a break while still writing. Maybe you could even incorporate it into your book. You never know!

So take a moment to have fun. Your story could be two sentences. It could be a hundred. Just have it posted by this Saturday.

If no one responds, I’ll do a secondary post. But otherwise, I’ll see you guys next Tuesday for an interview with writer Stephanie Smith 🙂