Top 15 Inspirational Movie Soundtracks to Write To

If you are a writer and don’t already listen to music when you write, you may want to consider changing that. Music has the ability to stimulate our imaginations, create emotions, and inspire thought. So next time you can’t seem to incorporate genuine emotion in a sad scene, try listening to a sad song. It will help you channel its emotion into your writing. Just be careful you are aware of what you are listening to throughout each type of scene. You wouldn’t want to be listening to a sad song during what’s supposed to be a happy scene!  Continue reading


Squashing the Top 11 Excuses That Keep Writers from Success

Excuses are one of the top reasons writers never get published or even finish writing their book. So to give you the best chance at success, here is a list of the most common excuses you might give for why you can’t write today. And then I’ll tell you otherwise by squashing that excuse! Continue reading

writing goals

How to Accomplish Your Writing Goals in 5 Easy Steps

The only way you will ever find yourself finishing your manuscript, finding an agent, and landing a book contract is by setting writing goals. As a writer, you have no set structure handed to you. You may have a book deadline, but no one can give you daily or weekly deadlines except yourself. You won’t find yourself magically at the finish line without having done all the work to get there. First, you have to set some goals that are both measurable and attainable to set yourself up for success. Continue reading

Creating a Character Worth Reading About

A story is nothing without a perfectly crafted main character. The protagonist is who the reader will have to live with for the next 300 pages and experience life with. Without an emotional connection, your reader probably won’t keep reading your book.

So how can you create a character that a reader will love and cheer for? Continue reading

Construct a Scene to Build a Story

When you’re writing a book, there are a lot of things you have to think about. First, what is the story about? Then you think about the characters and the setting and every other detail you can think of until you feel prepared to start writing. But how do you go about writing a book? By little bits at a time. Not just actual timewise but also in the way the story is told– through bits of summary and bits of scene. Writing a book is like constructing a building. You need a plan–a blueprint of what you plan to happen in your story. A story is made up of tons of scenes that each has a purpose and builds on the next. Therefore, in order to build a story, you must first learn to construct a scene.  Continue reading

Fiction- real or not real?

51aqb3oov0L._SY445_If the fiction books we read are just fiction, what compels us to read them? What connects the reader to a made up story?

I have always considered books to be a complete work of fiction. But I’m beginning to see that perhaps that is what my stories have been missing–a touch of truth. A touch of reality to make my readers connect. Even though a book may be fiction as a whole, what makes people connect to it are the pieces of truth which typically stem from the author’s experiences in life. Continue reading

Rain or shine- writing when the mood doesn’t strike

My thoughts today concern inspiration and writing. Does a person’s surroundings affect their creativity? I have always struggled to write when I wasn’t in the mood or when the weather wasn’t to my preferred writing-worthy conditions. So does the quality of writing depend on whether or not the writer is inspired?

IMG_7048Here is my view today as I sit writing. The beach. What more inspiration could one get to write? I’m staring at the edge of mystery–at the veil of another world I cannot see. If I woke up to this view every morning, I just might be able to finish writing a book in a month or two. The problem is that I don’t. I wake up to the grand view of a street with houses. Not the best inspiration, unless I were a writer infatuated with neighborhoods. But the fact still stands that I do write there. Not with the same inspiration as sitting on the beach, but writing still happens. Continue reading