Top 15 Inspirational Movie Soundtracks to Write To

If you are a writer and don’t already listen to music when you write, you may want to consider changing that. Music has the ability to stimulate our imaginations, create emotions, and inspire thought. So next time you can’t seem to incorporate genuine emotion in a sad scene, try listening to a sad song. It will help you channel its emotion into your writing. Just be careful you are aware of what you are listening to throughout each type of scene. You wouldn’t want to be listening to a sad song during what’s supposed to be a happy scene!  Continue reading


Rain or shine- writing when the mood doesn’t strike

My thoughts today concern inspiration and writing. Does a person’s surroundings affect their creativity? I have always struggled to write when I wasn’t in the mood or when the weather wasn’t to my preferred writing-worthy conditions. So does the quality of writing depend on whether or not the writer is inspired?

IMG_7048Here is my view today as I sit writing. The beach. What more inspiration could one get to write? I’m staring at the edge of mystery–at the veil of another world I cannot see. If I woke up to this view every morning, I just might be able to finish writing a book in a month or two. The problem is that I don’t. I wake up to the grand view of a street with houses. Not the best inspiration, unless I were a writer infatuated with neighborhoods. But the fact still stands that I do write there. Not with the same inspiration as sitting on the beach, but writing still happens. Continue reading

Writing Prompt Day!


Hello, everyone. I’m a little hesitant to do this, because I’m not sure if anyone will actually participate. But here we go. Above is a picture. What is it a picture of? A tree. Sounds boring, right? It’s a good thing we are writers! What I’m hoping is that you lovely people can write a short story or a scene behind what is happening here. Submit your story in the comment section below. Whoever gets the most likes on their story will get theirs posted on the blog. In the event of no likes, I will choose my favorite. And in the event that no one writes a story for this image . . . then this will be very awkward, and I’ll never do this again.

I realize you may be very busy writing your own book right now. I just thought this might be a fun way to take a break while still writing. Maybe you could even incorporate it into your book. You never know!

So take a moment to have fun. Your story could be two sentences. It could be a hundred. Just have it posted by this Saturday.

If no one responds, I’ll do a secondary post. But otherwise, I’ll see you guys next Tuesday for an interview with writer Stephanie Smith 🙂

Melville and In the Heart of the Sea

In the heart of the sea

I know this isn’t a book, but it is a movie based on a book and also indirectly concerns a writer. The first half of this post is a basic summary of the movie’s plot in case you’re interested in seeing it, and the second half is my thoughts on a couple ideas this movie provoked. Although many people didn’t care for the movie, I loved it due to the inspiration it gave me as a writer. In the heart of the Sea made me consider two things: the need for a story’s purpose/writer’s passion and the self-belief in one’s own ability. Continue reading

Why you don’t need a degree to be an author

“I think young writers should get other degrees first, social sciences, arts degrees or even business degrees. What you learn is research skills, a necessity because a lot of writing is about trying to find information.”

-Irvine Welsh

Words of advice from a college graduate

Today I’m speaking mostly to young writers-those who haven’t gone to college yet or are still in their first couple years of school. But don’t stop reading if that doesn’t sound like you. Go ahead and skip down to the next section about those who didn’t even have to go to school to write.

This is my small piece of advice for young writers: think about what you really want to do with your life before you pick a degree. If all you want to be is an author, don’t major in English. You can be an author without that degree. Continue reading

Storytelling-What’s the Point?

If you are reading this blog, you are probably either a reader or a writer. This post affects both of you and hopefully will provoke some thought and conversation. Lately I’ve lost my motivation to keep editing my book or to even open up a book to read, as I’ve been pondering on the purpose of reading and writing. Why do people read books? And why should I keep writing books?

When I first started out writing, I was young and had no thoughts of why I was doing it or what I would do when I reached the end of my story. I just wrote. Part of the reason may have been, because finding a good book to read started getting hard. Every book I picked up felt like the same story over and over. Plus I had my own stories I wanted to tell.

But the block that keeps me from moving forward now with my writing/reading is the reoccurring question: what’s the point? Entertainment isn’t enough of a reason anymore. If all I do is entertain someone for a few hours with a book I’ve written, all I’ve really done is keep them from doing something more productive with their life. I don’t want to be a time-waster. So what other purposes can a book have besides to entertain?

Inspiration is the best purpose I’ve thought of. Now the question is how to accomplish that. I’d love to use my writing to inspire people to do things with their life and to believe in themselves. But does writing a story about a character who isn’t afraid to take chances or who has confidence make a reader do the same in their own life? A writer can make up whatever ending they want. So how can fiction inspire reality?

Here’s my question for you to consider today: what fictional character has inspired you to either do something or be something you wouldn’t have done/been otherwise? (This character could be from either a book or a movie).

Do you think fictional stories can really impact people’s lives? How so? Please comment your thoughts on this below and give an example of a character who has inspired you.

Next week will be another writer interview with Elizabeth Newsom, who will talk about what motivated her to publish her book and what steps she is taking to accomplish that dream. Thanks for visiting and please stop by again next Tuesday!